The Moon

                                                                      The moon creeps

                                                                       In the midnight air

                                                                             It speaks,

                                                                     of fears and terrors

                                                                               It sings,

                                                                        of a single soul

                                                                               it rings,

                                                                       of a story untold.


Can you hear the rain speak to you?


Can you hear the rain speaking to you?

Can you feel the droplets dropping?

Do you know a place to feel true?

Do you know when the day is stopping?


Red Horse

Red horseWhat do you know 
Red horse
Comes out from the snow
 Covered with extremely red blood
Falls down to the ground
and goes out with a thud.

Does It Matter?

Does it matter the way you dress?.........No

Does it matter how you do your hair?............No

Does it matter if you go to whereabouts...............No

Does it matter if you care?...YES! 

Hypervenalating Bounce

I can feel my adrenaline move through my body

I think I want to start a fight

I go outside and start doing pushups

This is going to be a night

I start to bounce up and down

Then it turns into jumping jacks

Crunches, sit ups, sit and reach

I can not take it



Don't be afraid your life will end;

Be afraid that it will never begin again.

just echoes
  dark moments
dark thoughts
dark urges
all echoes from the past
they will not last
in time
they shall pass

Mesothelioma And Veterans
Mesothelioma And Veterans