All about me!!!!!

Ciao guys, what’s up? This is Spike. You are probably wandering WHO I AM... The only way for you to find out is by reading this, so keep reading. Of course, my name is Monni Anne Vlough, but I would like to be called Spike. Some of my B.F.F's are Sunny (go to to learn more), Natasha, Sophie, and Jenn ( I live in Virginia Beach. We actually sometimes study the ocean in our oceanography class!(Not a real class we just call it that). We always stick together. Sunny and I have a lot in common... we both are major environmentalists. I have long blond hair with natural highlights that is usually up, down, or anything in between, pale skin, and blue eyes. Sunny has short brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, and she wears black glasses or contacts. I just moved from Maine to here in Virginia Beach. I am wild sometimes, but usually laid back. I also play the violin, and so does Natasha and Sunny. I also have a sister named Lizzie (Elizabeth.) Sophie and I are a year older than Sunny and Natasha, and Sophie has long brown hair that is almost always in braids. She has blue-brown eyes with freckles. She is a little bit crazier than I am. She loves reading, and Sunny is usually telling her to stop reading a book and she make sure she's not running into walls. Sophie plays the viola. Sunny knew her since 4th grade. She has two sisters, Hope and Olivia. Natasha has short, blonde, curly hair. I wanted to put it in a straightener for a long time! BOOOINNG!!! She's REALLY smart, even though we're all in an advanced class, and she loves to play the violin. She has blue eyes. She has an older brother named Joey, who looks a lot like her. Jenn is last. She has layered brown hair with silver glasses. She has freckles and is obsessed with Twilight. She has one younger sister named Callie. She plays the cello. Finally, ME, Spike! I love playing softball, gymnastics, climbing trees, and camping when I go to Pennsylvania. I also love lying down on the sand of Virginia Beach and reading. I love reading. I try to right my own songs to play on the violin. I love singing! I do it with some of friends, Natasha and Hailey. I enjoy drawing and listening to music. My personal favorites are Jason Mraz, James Blunt, Katy Perry, Natasha Bedingfeild, Dixie Chicks, Jesse McCartney, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna. I love my CD player. My favorite animal is dogs. They are so cute I love Golden Retrievers. Oh yeah, I live with my sister, Lizzie, wait did I already say that oops. I also live with my fish, my hamster, and my dog. My favorite color is blue. I also play the violin. I love peace signs, serenity signs, and smilies. And of course- Rock On hands!!!!!! If none of this info cleared anything up then ask in my blog. Thanks! Adios! –Spike.


My Faves!!!!!

Favorite Food(s):Icecream, Mac & Cheese, Chocolate covered strawberries

Favorite Animal(s):Golden Retrievers, horses, seals, giraffes

Favorite Song(s):I'm Yours, Hot n cold, Wild Horses, Drops of Jupiter

Favorite Song Artist(s):Natasha Bedingfield, Katy Perry, Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift

Favorite Flower(s):Daffodil, Daisy, Chrysanthemum, Lilac

Favorite Sport(s):Gymnastics, Softball, Swimming,

Favorite Thing(s) to do:Climb Trees, Reading Books, Riding Bikes,

Sibling(s):Elizibeth and Maxwell

Favorite Movie(s):Kit Kittredge, an American Girl Movie, The last Mimzy, and The little Soldiers

Favorite Actor or Actress:Julia Roberts

Some Friend(s):Natasha, Sunny, Sophie, Hailey, Rach, Carmen, Chris, Jenn, Allie

Favorite Color(s):Blue, Baby Blue, Vibrant Purple, Sunny Yellow

Favorite Book(s):Maximum Ride series, Magic treehouse books, The 39 clues series,

Favorite Subject in school:Science and Reading

What I want to be when I grow up:Architect,  Travel around the world to help animals and poor families,

Where I want to go when I grow up: All around the world

Favorite Boardgames:Scene It, Monopoly,


Mesothelioma And Veterans
Mesothelioma And Veterans