Nonanimal pets


sabber likes to chop up my paper for me. Be careful not to get yourself cut!!!

Animal pets

My fish

My fish are hard to tell apart, but they do have names. There names are Cammi, Karla, and Rose.


My fish Syber likes to swim really fast when you click on him. He also loves eating his fish food. Please play with him while I am gone!


Alex likes to run on his wheel all the time, and he loves strawberries.


Squirmy is a ferret. He likes to clinb up to you. He also likes to eat eggs and ferret food. Have fun playing with my Squirmy little ferret!

Play with my pet Manilla, She likes to chase your pointer!


Staggley is a hedgehog. He really likes to eat strawberries. He gets really scared when you click him though!


My sheep can be fed hay or clover!!

My Fish!!

My red fish is named Rosemary. My blue fish is named Gelby. My green fish is named Mintswimmey. My gray fish is named Cramelanin. My orange fish is named Tanjerine. My yellow fish is named Bananza. Have fun with them!!!!!! THIS IS COPEYRIGHTED SO NO ONE CAN COPY IT UNLESS YOU HAVE AWRITTEN CONFIRMATION> NOT A CONTRACT>Also click the screen to feed them!

My Treefrog

My frog's name is Jalepeno (hah-luh-peyn-yoh). If you click on the screen you can feed him flies!! Have fun with him, and he loves food!


Play with Sammy. Feed him a banana, or move him all around the tree. Have fun with him!!!


Feed Visee a fly, and watch him try to eat it!!!!!!


Play with my kitten using the bouncy string and stick toy. Feed her some tuna by clicking on the can  then click the floor to set it down. Drag Carmael down to the food for Carmael to eat it!!!

Ching Shee 

My little Tiger likes to eat meat and jump all around. Have fun playing with him, but be careful!!!!


Feed Bailey treats or play ball with him. If you click on him he will bark.


Brush or feed my horse an apple. Have him make music with his feet by clicking on him.

Lu Lu

Play with Lu Lu or feed him some bamboo. Watch him restle it out of your hands.


This is Sally. She was an abused bunny, and now can not actually be adopted. So I took her in so everyone can care for here. Click more to get a carrot. Click on the carrot, and than click it on Sally's mouth. After she eats she will lay down for a little, to get her up keep clicking on her. To have her jump click on her while she is sitting up. Well treat her well, like your own pet. She will than be able to spend time with more humans. ADIOS!!!


Sherry is a llama. She likes to eat hay, and she is very proud of herself.


lauren is a Guinea Pig. Feed him an apple or broccaly. (sorry don't care about my spelling mistakes) Also brush him to make him love you too! Click him to make him sqeek!


Georgie is a little lion cub. He likes to jump around or eat his meat. Be very careful around him though!


Janna is a little fox. Have him smell the flowers or feed him meat!!


Keep clicking on her to make her fall off the edge, or feed her a fish when she is hungry.

My penguins!

The little one's name is Chipper. The dad's name is Chane, and the mom's name is Marie. Wacth them waddle around the iceberg. HAVE FUN!!


My stingray's name is Zingo. You can watch him swim around looking for food. He is actually a nice stingray, so don't be afraid! 


Salynava will make a web for you, and then she will want to have a fly.


Call his name over if he is hiding from you he is really a shy little spider. He is nice though. !!!!!!!!!!!! SLUGGER

Mesothelioma And Veterans
Mesothelioma And Veterans